f(dev) launches Filinvent.io, an open innovation and startup engagement program

“Limitations & constraints bring about the most creative solutions and possibilities,” relates Xavier Marzan, Managing Director of f(dev), in one virtual event held for Filinvest executives during the early days of the Covid-19 lockdown in Manila. Despite the pandemic, f(dev) has driven various tech-driven initiatives– sourcing, vetting, and co-innovating with a number of local and global startups for the Group’s verticals. 

What started out as beta projects in Q2 and Q3 2020 together with various technology startups is now an officially launched open innovation and startup engagement program dubbed Filinvent.io. Anchored on the Filinvest conglomerate’s goal to re-invent and digitally transform its businesses, Team f(dev) has engaged startup accelerators, venture capital firms, and innovation platforms to provide a line of sight to disruptive technologies and emerging models that help solve real-world challenges for Filinvest’s business units.

The Filinvest group of companies is in the midst of its own transformation journey. Its active investment in digital infrastructure and green technologies is testament to its pursuit of innovation and digital adoption. With Filinvent.io as its dedicated innovation platform for the Group, Team f(dev) hopes to connect Filinvest and its operating companies with tech startups via product collaborations, operating partnerships, venture funding, and strategic alliances, among others.